Saturday, January 3, 2015

A visit to Ordinary Evelyn's

I had the pleasure of visiting my mother, Ordinary Evelyn this past fall.  She is trying to teach me how to make all of these wonderful creations.  We started the day with making pickled beets.  
 Cleaning the beets

 Bringing to a boil in the pickling juice and spices

Mom hand pouring the beets into each jar.   I lasted about 6 jars before my shoulder was killing me.  How does she do this--- jar after jar??    

 Beautiful beets 

9 dozen jars of finished product

Next up--  jams and jellies: 
 Elderberry juice

Cranberries coming to a boil

 More hand pouring into the jars 

 Adding the crushed walnuts

 Cranberry Walnut Jam

 Crabapple juice

Crabapple jelly

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